Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Can I trust the safety of your website when I buy your products?

  • Yes, most assuredly! Your transaction is secured by industry standard 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 bit encryption. SSL authenticated by Comodo, an industry leader in cyber security.

  • For peace of mind, your purchase can be made via PayPal. Otherwise both Visa and MasterCard are supported.

2. I have just bought your videos. What do I do now?

  • Go to the email address you used to buy the videos.
  • Click on the links to download your videos to your computer.
  • The videos will be in both .mp4 (Standard) and .m4v (Apple) formats.
  • The videos will be compressed into .zip files.
  • Unzip them using whichever compression tool your computer uses.
  • Don’t have a compression tool? Here’s one for Windows and one for Mac OS X

3. How big are the video files?

  • Speak English NOW! Part 1 = 240 MB;
  • Speak English NOW! Part 2 = 242 MB;
  • Speak English NOW! Part 3 = 254 MB;
  • Speak English NOW! Part 4 = 260 MB;
  • Speak English NOW! Part 5 = 262 MB.
  • If you purchase the full 5-part series, then the 2 freebies will be included = 25 MB. Total = 1.28 GB.
  • Each part is a separate zip file, downloaded individually. You are not expected to download over 1 gigabyte of video files all at once!

4. Not all the videos downloaded. What do I do now?


  • Just go back to your email, click on the links again and download them once more.

5. The videos won’t play on my computer. What do I do now?

  • Sometimes, outdated programs on your computer cause problems. Download one of the most reliable and free media players for both Windows and Mac OS X here


6. I want to play the videos on my smartphone? What do I do now?

  • Transfer them from your computer to your mobile device.
  • For iPhone and iPad users, follow the method you have been using with iTunes as your media player. Use the .m4v format.
  • Transfer the videos to the Movies folder in iTunes, connect your device and sync the contents.
  • Look for the Videos icon on your device. Your videos will be waiting for you.


7. I don’t have an iPhone or an iPad? What do I do now?

  • The .mp4 format will be compatible with most Windows computers and Android-based smartphones.
  • Ask a friend with the same device as you to show you what to do.
  • If you don’t feel confident  transferring the videos to your mobile device, don’t worry. You can still enjoy them on your PC or laptop. And they’ll be bigger!

8. Do I have to speak and understand English well to use your products?

  • All our products are written and spoken in English.
  • They will be clearly marked as suitable for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced learners.
  • Our products are all short, self-contained series, focusing on fun, entertaining, practical exercises to help you get more fluent in English.

9. My friend wants me to transfer the products I purchased to her mobile device. Can I do this?

  • When you purchase any of our products, we are more than happy for you to make a copy to view on your own computer and/or your own mobile device, for your own personal use.
  • We understand the need for flexibility and the principle of fair play.
  • Do encourage your friend to purchase her own copy of the product. She will want to be eligible for bonuses and special offers just like you!

10. Are my details safe with you?

  • At Fun With English Fluency, your privacy is of utmost importance to us.
  • We will never sell, share, or give your personal information (name, email, etc.) to anyone else. It is for our eyes only.
  • We will protect this information at all costs. (See our Privacy Policy)
  • If you have any concerns about your privacy, simply email our customer service team and one of our eager team members will get back to you:

11. And now a question from us: have you downloaded your 2 FREE eBooks?