Welcome to Fun With English Fluency!

Do you need to improve your English fluency?

▀ We can help you:

  • Understand English spoken at ‘normal’ speed.
  • Improve your conversational skills.
  • Learn commonly-used idioms and phrases.
  • Practise your fluency.

▀ Our aim:

  • To make learning English fun!
  • To help you speak English as quickly as possible.
  • To improve your pronunciation.

▀ We make lessons for:

  • Beginners: primary school students; pre-school learners at home.
  • Intermediate: Secondary school students.
  • Advanced: Upper secondary students.
  • Employees: who need to speak English.
  • All lessons will be clearly marked: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

▀ Our team:

  • We are a creative team of English teachers, cartoonists and musicians.
  • We have taught English in many countries.
  • We have written and illustrated English textbooks.
  • And we all love teaching English!