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  • Speak English NOW! (1)


    ▀ What you get:

    • An English Fluency series comprising 52 videos.
    • For ease of use, the series is divided into 5 parts.
    • Each part contains 10 videos.
    • The 2 videos that complete the series can be viewed here
    • They are labelled Free_1 and Free_2.
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    NOTE: For download instructions, please see FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  • Speak English NOW! (2)


     ▀ What you will learn:

    • How to recognise and correctly pronounce the many different vowel sounds in English, eg. sport, call, sore, warm – different spelling; same ‘or’ sound.
    • Idioms commonly heard, eg. the best of both worlds; to get off on the wrong foot; under a cloud of suspicion.
    • Everyday colloquial expressions, commonly used by native speakers eg. fat chance; look rattled; lashings of butter; grubby fingers.
    • Phrasal verbs of all kinds, eg. to fall into (decay); to put up (a good fight); to tie up (loose ends)
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  • Speak English NOW! (3)


    ▀ Who is this series for?

    • Intermediate/advanced beginners.
    • There are simpler sentences, eg. A young cat is called a kitten. This pillow is too hard. I want to study nursing,
    • and more complex sentences, eg. It’s time to call a halt to these arguments. The experience left him scarred for life. He sued his employer for injuries received at work.
    • Each sentence is spoken slowly, with time for you to practise what has been said.
    • The same sentence is then repeated at a more ‘normal’ speed, to help you get used to English as it is really spoken.
    • This is quite a different skill from just reading an English book or completing a grammar exercise. This is the beginning of fluency.
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  • Speak English NOW! (4)


    ▀ What’s in the entire 5-part series:

    • Over 600 sentences for you to practise. 
    • Hundreds of verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms.
    • Soft classical music in the background – a proven study aid.
    • Hundreds of colourful cartoons to make learning enjoyable.
    • An easy method to start speaking English at your own pace and in your own time.
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  • Speak English NOW! (5)



    • Buy all 5 parts in the ONE transaction and you will receive:
    • 52 videos for $10  (a saving of 60% when buying the series separately.)
    • The script of all 52 videos for reference and study.
    • A workbook based on the 52 videos, expanding on vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs, as well as word derivations and popular/historical/cultural references.
    • The 2 free videos here will be included, so your series is complete.
    • Please note: The discount is applied once all 5 individual packs are in the Cart. 
    • Of course, if you prefer, you can purchase each part separately, (but remember, the above SPECIAL DEAL, unfortunately, won’t apply).
    • Why wait any longer?
    • Have FUN learning English!
    • Speak English NOW! 
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  • Speak English NOW! Workbook


    ▀ The workbook for the 52-video series, “Speak English NOW!”

    • PLEASE NOTE: This workbook is FREE when you purchase the video series!
    • Do NOT buy it here if you intend to buy the video series!
    • The 52 lessons are based on the material in each of the 52 videos.
    • Each lesson includes grammar exercises, idioms, phrasal verbs, word derivations, as well as cultural and historical items of interest.
    • Remember: The workbook is FREE with the video series but $4.99 as a stand-alone product.
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